Hi Everyone!

We are Nina & Julian.

  Two married and hardworking young adults with a passion for discovering new places and expanding our horizons.  We graduated college during the trough of the recession and so we spent most of our early working years rarely taking vacations and doing what we thought was the right thing to do.  We started careers, got married, bought a house and dived right into the rat race of the typical American work life.  

  After several years of keeping our nose to the grindstone, we were suddenly captivated by extreme wanderlust while watching season 1 of "The Amazing Race" for the first time.  Season 1 of that show featured people just like you and us.  Regular working stiffs who wanted a chance to shake things up in their monotonous lives (and of course win a million dollars).  We'll never forget watching the episode where the contestants are shown kayaking down a river in Thailand and afterwards are seen standing on a beautiful exotic beach at sunset.  We turned to each other and said in unison "I wanna do that!"

  This site is a collection of our travels and bucket list destinations.  We have only seen a tiny portion of the world but that's the best part.  There is still so much more to see and that should keep us motivated.  We hope that whoever is reading this will be inspired by our story and travels and we hope to bring you great content as we continue to build the site.

All the best and happy travels!

Nina & Julian



Meet Adrian Ruiz of Uneeq Productions

Adrian Ruiz is a freelance photographer/videographer who has a passion for storytelling. Born and raised in Miami, FL, he has had the opportunity to work on a variety of different projects such as Commercial, Corporate, Fashion & Documentary shoots, as well as Private Events. Traveling is such a huge part of his life which is why the vision of Travel To Escape Reality fits so well to his story. Adrian has been blessed to have been able to travel to many different places such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Australia, France and the UK… and many more to come! Follow Adrian on Instagram @iam_adrianruiz and follow his work on www.uneeqproductions.com.